Subway-VT Rec Sports Employees of the Month

Month Name Title Area
October 2013 Shawn Savage Intramural Sports Supervisor Intramurals
September 2013 Claire Osborn Sport Club Officer Sport Clubs
September 2013 Meredith McGee Sport Club Officer Sport Clubs
September 2013 Mary Lee Carter Sport Club Officer Sport Clubs
September 2013 Dylan Fant Marketing Marketing
September 2013 Massimo Del Sordi McComas Hall McComas Hall
September 2013 Shawn Savage Intramurals Intramurals
September 2013 Binh Vo Personal Training Personal Training
September 2013 Samantha Freeburn Group Exercise Group Exercise
September 2013 Rich Butryn Aquatics Aquatics
September 2013 Adil Dittmer Intramural Sports Supervisor Intramurals
August 2013 Josh Tew Sport Club Officer Sport Clubs
August 2013 Charlie Blakely Sport Club Officer Sport Clubs
August 2013 Brigid McCormick Office Marketing
August 2013 Rob Marcotte War Memorial Hall War Memorial Hall
August 2013 Lauren Boling Instructional Programs Instruction
August 2013 Nikita Parmar McComas Hall McComas Hall
August 2013 Adil Dittmer Intramurals Intramurals
August 2013 Courtney Blondino Personal Training Personal Training
August 2013 Brittanie Haas Group Exercise Group Exercise
August 2013 James Morrow Aquatics Aquatics
March 2013 Jesus Rodriguez McComas Hall
February 2013 Chad Henderson President, Clay Target Sport Clubs
February 2013 Sara Megas Sport Clubs
February 2013 Valerie Hengemuhle Marketing
February 2013 Rob Reinhardt Intramurals
February 2013 Katie Henry Personal Training
February 2013 Alex Nowak Marketing Marketing
February 2013 Caroline Rand Group Exercise Group Exercise
February 2013 Logan Yeingst Aquatics Aquatics
February 2013 Logan Yeingst Aquatics Aquatics
February 2013 Zach Green War Memorial Employee of the Month War Memorial Hall
January 2013 Brigid McCormick Office Assistant Marketing
January 2013 Mathis Seal Field Hockey Captain Sport Clubs
January 2013 Kelsey Thompson McComas Employee of the Month McComas Hall
January 2013 Rebecca Outten Intramurals Intramurals
January 2013 Lia Pizoli Personal Training Personal Training
January 2013 Lily Mochary Group Exercise Group Exercise
January 2013 David Mason Lifeguard of the Month Aquatics
November 2012 Keli Anderson President Women's Basketball Sport Clubs
November 2012 Robert Marcotte War Memorial Hall
November 2012 Tim Stegmaier McComas Hall
November 2012 Nate Johnson Personal Training
November 2012 Jen Sayre Group Exercise
November 2012 Christie Djordjevic Intramurals
November 2012 Katie Simpson Aquatics
November 2012 Brent George Marketing Marketing
September 2012 Nick Rosenberger Intramurals
September 2012 Molly Stryker & Meredith McGee Sport Clubs
September 2012 Kristen DeAngelis Group Exercise