Small Group Training

What is Small Group Training?

Small group training is a hybrid between personal training and group exercise. Your coach will tailor your sessions to meet your groups’ needs, will progress the sessions as your group increases their fitness level, and groups will stay small in size so that each participant gets the individualized attention they deserve. In addition, you’ll gain friendships, work together as a team, rely on each other to keep the motivation high, and have fun working hard to reach your goals!

These programs are also being offered at a competitive low-rate, equaling out to $8.33 an hour. Groups can have anywhere from 3-12 participants depending on the format and will meet 2 times a week for 6 weeks.


FALL 2015 Small Group Training Formats:

Les Mills GRIT™

30 Minutes of high intensity interval training: The HOTTEST fitness trend on the planet! Add HIIT to your life with three unique 30 minute LES MILLS GRIT™ workouts and take your fitness to the next level!

  • GRIT™ Strength - Weight-based workout designed to build lean muscle and improve strength!
  • GRIT™ Plyo - Plyometric-based workouts designed to make you perform like an athlete!
  • GRIT™ Cardio - Improves cardiovascular fitness, increases speed, and maximizes calorie burn!

-Session times:

  • Mondays & Wednesdays at 9:00am in Studio A with Anna T.
  • Mondays & Wednesdays at 12:15pm in Studio B with Brittanie H. 
  • Mondays & Wednesdays at 4:30pm in Studio B with Jess T.
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays at 7:00am in Studio A with Aubrey S.
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays at 12:30pm in Studio A with Anna R.

*Try our new 3-day-a-week option! Pick one of the above sessions that works for you and then add on a 3rd day of GRIT™!

  • Fridays at 9am in Studio A with a rotation of GRIT™ coaches *for 3-day option only
  • Sundays at 5pm in Studio B with a rotation of GRIT™ coaches *for 3-day option only

    Insanity Live!

    -INSANITY Live is a revolutionary cardio-based, total-body conditioning workout, based on the principles of MAX Interval Training. This thrilling workout provides the support and group motivation to challenge you to to work toward your highest potential and unleash your inner athlete! 

    -Your Insanity Coaches:

    • Mariana
    • Alana
    • Morgan


    X-FIT with a CrossFit Coach:

    -X-Fit is led by a CrossFit certified coach and will physically prepare you for whatever life may throw at you. This workout is designed to challenge you mentaly and physically by constantly varying your workouts. These workouts will consist of high intensity, funcational movements that incorporate aerobic exercise, gymnastics, boydweight exercises, and weight lifting exercises to help you get in the best shape of your life! Remember, routine is the enemy!


    -Your X-FIT Coach:

    • Tyrone T.
    • Nick C.



    -This unique suspension-based resistance program will help improve strength, balance, flexibility, coordination, endurance, and joint stability. Developed by a Navy Seal, you'll use your own bodyweight to transform your body. Using your hands and feet as anchor points, you'll practice many versatile exercises that are challenging and accomodate all fitness levels and performance goals. Challenge yourself and check out TRX!


    -Your TRX Coaches:

    • Michael B.
    • Jessica T.


    -Athletic Conditioning (AC):

    -"The meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive; but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to conquer." -Arnold Schwarzenegger 

    Small Group Athletic Conditioning begins with the fundamental resistance movements (bench press, deadlift, squat), important flexibility and mobility drills, and high-intensity conditioning. All aspects of the program are designed to increase explosive performance and athletic ability. 

    Using a combination of techniques from the most commonly-played sports, your trainer will take you through a work out that can mean the difference between a win or a loss. In a sport, time is vital down to the split-second. Therefore, an athlete must train to react powerfully and effectively. To prepare for the game-winning responses, the class will run through drills to bolster reaction time, efficient movement, and kinesthesia. 

    A&C is fast-paced and progress will be made quickly. This class is an intermediate to advanced course intended for serious athletes and the everyday warrior. A&C gives back what you put into it. The class will move forward together through a program that will kick start your "freshman 15" ...of muscle.


    -Your Athletic Conditioning Coach:

    • Ethan R.


    Fall 2015 Small Group Training Schedule:

    -Les Mills GRIT:

    • Monday/Wednesday at 9:00am (Studio A) - Anna T.
    • Monday/Wednesday at 12:15pm(Studio B) - Brittanie H. 
    • Monday/Wednesday at 4:30pm (Studio B) - Jess T.
    • Tuesday/Thursday at 7:00am (Studio A) - Aubrey S.
    • Tuesday/Thursday at 12:30pm (Studio A) - Anna R.

    **NEW TO SESSION 2- Can't get enough GRIT? Try our new 3-day-a-week option! Pick one of the above sessions that works for you and then add on a 3rd day of GRIT on Fridays at 9am or Sundays at 5pm!

    *All 3 day a week options are $150 

    • Friday 9am (Studio A)- All GRIT coaches
    • Sunday 5pm (Studio B)- All GRIT coaches



    • Monday/Wednesday 5:15pm (WMH Dance Room)- Mariana 
    • Tuesday/Thursday 11:30am (WMH Dance Room)- Morgan
    • Tuesday/Thursday 4:00pm (Studio A)- Alana


    -X-FIT with a CrossFit Coach:

    • Monday/Wednesday at 8pm (WMH Multi B)- Nick C. 
    • Tuesday/Thursday at 6:30pm (WMH Multi B) - Tyrone T. & Nick C.



    • Monday/Wednesday at 6:00pm (WMH Multi B) - Michael B.


    -Athletic Conditioning (AC):

    • Tuesday/Thursday at 5:15pm (WMH Multi B) - Ethan R.


    All Small Group Training sessions cost $100 per participant for 12 sessions/6 weeks and are open to ALL Faculty/staff and Students, regardless of McComas membership!


    If none of the above small group programs are what you are looking for, you can request a small group training program that fits your schedule and is tailored to your groups needs and fitness goals.To request a private small group training program you must have at least 3 people to your group and you can fill out the request form below. Once we have received your request, you will be contacted with more information about how to register.



    Please email Krista Gwilliam, Fitness Coordinator, at knburch@vt.edu with any questions.