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All Intramural activities are to be played as scheduled.


Wall of Champion Archives

Year Division Sport Team/Individual Name
Spring 2013 Mens N/A NCAA Basketball Tournament Pickem (Men & Women) Marco Bustamante
Spring 2013 Mens Intermediate Softball League DirtyBirdz
Spring 2013 CoRec Advanced Softball League IdHitThat 1 LastTime
Spring 2013 CoRec Intermediate Softball League Los Patos Afortunado
Spring 2013 Mens Advanced Softball League Pike Gold
Spring 2013 Womens N/A Softball League Southside
Spring 2013 Open N/A Sports Trivia Contest Andrew Maxwell
Spring 2013 Womens N/A Tennis Doubles Allison Lowe and Olivia Perry
Spring 2013 Mens Advanced Tennis Doubles Byung Kim and Matt Donaldson
Spring 2013 CoRec Advanced Tennis Doubles Matthew Celentano and Tianna Quimbao-Panas
Spring 2013 Mens Beginner Tennis Doubles Randy Chaing and Brian Su
Spring 2013 CoRec Advanced Ultimate Frisbee Compact Discs
Spring 2013 Mens Advanced Ultimate Frisbee Driftwood
Spring 2013 Mens Beginner Ultimate Frisbee Holly
Spring 2013 CoRec Beginner Ultimate Frisbee Shear Studs
Spring 2013 CoRec Intermediate USOA Indoor Soccer Tournament Nova FC
Spring 2013 Womens N/A USOA Indoor Soccer Tournament Rack Attack
Spring 2013 Mens Advanced USOA Indoor Soccer Tournament Squadra Di Calcio
Spring 2013 CoRec Advanced USOA Indoor Soccer Tournament The Soccer Team
Spring 2013 Mens Intermediate USOA Indoor Soccer Tournament TKE United
Spring 2013 Mens Advanced USOA Preseason Basketball Tournament Pike Gold
Spring 2013 CoRec N/A USOA Wiffleball Tournament Holey Ballzzz!
Spring 2013 Mens N/A USOA Wiffleball Tournament Smacking the Pitches
Spring 2013 CoRec Intermediate Wallyball Ballz To The Wallz-Arevalo
Spring 2013 Womens Advanced Wallyball Fight Club