McComas Hall
06:00 am to 11:30 pm
War Memorial Hall
05:30 am to 11:30 pm
Rec Sports Main Office
08:00 am to 05:00 pm


Game Status

On Schedule
All intramural activities are to be played as scheduled.


Wall of Champion Archives

Year Division Sport Team/Individual Name
Summer 2013 Mens N/A Summer Racquetball Singles Earl Petzold
Summer 2013 Mens N/A Summer Tennis Singles William Hubbard
Spring 2013 Open N/A 3 Point Shooting Contest Austin Burch
Spring 2013 Mens Advanced 5 on 5 Basketball League C-Court All Stars
Spring 2013 Womens N/A 5 on 5 Basketball League Get After Balls
Spring 2013 CoRec Advanced 5 on 5 Basketball League Is This Water Polo?
Spring 2013 CoRec Intermediate 5 on 5 Basketball League KD/GC
Spring 2013 Mens Intermediate 5 on 5 Basketball League Oriental Express
Spring 2013 Womens N/A 8-Ball Doubles Lauren Gibboney and Hilary Whiting
Spring 2013 Mens Advanced 8-Ball Doubles Travis Murphy and Joseph Kubalak
Spring 2013 Open N/A Chess Tournament Craig Estep
Spring 2013 Open N/A Free Throw Contest Syed Reza
Spring 2013 Mens Advanced Horseshoes Singles Tournament Will Balberde
Spring 2013 Mens Intermediate Innertube Water Polo Pi Lambda Phi- A
Spring 2013 Mens Advanced Innertube Water Polo Pike Gold
Spring 2013 CoRec Advanced Innertube Water Polo Swim Club CoRec A
Spring 2013 CoRec Intermediate Innertube Water Polo Team Pascale
Spring 2013 Womens N/A Innertube Water Polo VT Swim Club
Spring 2013 Mens N/A NCAA Basketball Tournament Pickem (Men & Women) Marco Bustamante
Spring 2013 Mens Intermediate Softball League DirtyBirdz
Spring 2013 CoRec Advanced Softball League IdHitThat 1 LastTime
Spring 2013 CoRec Intermediate Softball League Los Patos Afortunado
Spring 2013 Mens Advanced Softball League Pike Gold
Spring 2013 Womens N/A Softball League Southside
Spring 2013 Open N/A Sports Trivia Contest Andrew Maxwell