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All intramural activities are to be played as scheduled.


Wall of Champion Archives

Year Division Sport Team/Individual Name
Spring 2014 Open N/A Chess Tournament Craig Estep
Spring 2014 Open N/A Darts Doubles Heather Todak and Austin Hamilton
Spring 2014 Open N/A Free Throw Contest Paul Large
Spring 2014 Mens Advanced Golf Singles Brian Clarke
Spring 2014 Mens Advanced Innertube Water Polo Beta Blue
Spring 2014 CoRec Intermediate Innertube Water Polo Daddy's Fastest Swimmers
Spring 2014 Mens Intermediate Innertube Water Polo Stay In Your Rubber
Spring 2014 CoRec Advanced Innertube Water Polo Swim Club CoRec
Spring 2014 Womens Advanced Innertube Water Polo Women's VT Swim Club
Spring 2014 Womens N/A NCAA Basketball Tournament Pickem (Men & Women) Austin Hamilton
Spring 2014 Mens N/A NCAA Basketball Tournament Pickem (Men & Women) Jeffrey Kelley
Spring 2014 Mens Beginner Racquetball Singles Daniel A Eynisfeld
Spring 2014 Mens Advanced Racquetball Singles Earl Petzold
Spring 2014 Womens N/A Racquetball Singles Stephanie Pollard
Spring 2014 Mens Advanced Softball League Bye Week-John
Spring 2014 CoRec Intermediate Softball League Docs on Deck
Spring 2014 Mens Intermediate Softball League IAF
Spring 2014 CoRec Advanced Softball League Lake Monsters
Spring 2014 Womens N/A Softball League Southside
Spring 2014 Open N/A Sports Trivia Contest Bailey Ainge
Spring 2014 Womens N/A Tennis Doubles Annakate Tyler and Cypress Beach
Spring 2014 CoRec Advanced Tennis Doubles Kindell Schmitt and Lane Kiser
Spring 2014 Mens Beginner Tennis Doubles Malec Kennedy and Micah Kennedy
Spring 2014 Mens Advanced Tennis Doubles Ryan Lanoue and Augustus Tolton
Spring 2014 Mens Advanced Ultimate Frisbee Bid Free