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Sport Clubs

Bowling Club

Contact Info: If you are interested in joining this club team, or have questions, you should contact:

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About Bowling Club

The Virginia Tech Bowling Club is open to all bowlers looking for both fun and competition. The collegiate team competes against schools throughout the east, southeast, and midwest. Tryouts for the Bowling Team are held at the beginning of the fall semester. The club meets every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at the NRV Superbowl in Christiansburg. So come check us out!

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Baseball Club

Contact Info: If you are interested in joining this club team, or have questions, you should contact:

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About Baseball Club

The Baseball Club applied for admission to the Virginia Tech Sports Club Federation in the Spring of 2000. The team has been a registed student organization since 1998. The VT Baseball Club is a part of the National Club Baseball Association(NCBA), and they play over 50 games a year. There are 30 members in the club, and they offer opportunities to join the club in the fall and the spring. One of the goals of the club is to win the NCBA World Series. The Club offers college-level competition. The club practices and plays home games in the New River Valley.

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What are some places sport clubs have traveled to?

Sports clubs have visited many areas within this region and nationally, including Colorado, Texas, California, Florida, New York, and Virginia.

What are the benefits of joining a sport club?

Joining a sport club has many rewards. Among them are making friends, getting exercise, using your student fee to its fullest, traveling to new and interesting locations, and the respect that comes with representing Virginia Tech on the playing-field.

What kind of commitment do sport clubs require?

Sport Club commitments vary. Some clubs practice year-round, while others don't practice together at all. Competition attendance may also be mandatory for some clubs.

How much does it cost to join a Sport Club?

Membership dues vary from club to club, depending on the sport involved, and how much fundraising a club does. All clubs have dues, but the price varies for all clubs. Also, travel expenses and other costs may be involved during the year.

Where is the Sport Club office, and who may I visit there?

The Sport Clubs office is located in 125 War Memorial Hall. Alan Glick, the Assistant Director for Sport Clubs, and Tim Sykes, the Sport Club Graduate Assistant are located here and available to answer any questions you have about Sport Clubs.

How do I contact a particular sport club?

Contact information can be found along with other club information by going to the Club Listing.

How do you become a member of a sport club?

Each sport club has different entry requirements, with varying levels of membership. Some sports have tryouts to determine the competition level while others allow everyone to compete at all levels. The best thing to do is contact a club officer or member. You can find their contact info by going to the Club Listing.

What is the difference between Sport Club and the varsity athletic program?

Student involvement and leadership skills are thoroughly developed in the sport club program mainly due to the organization and management of each club by students. Also, no one is turned away from a sport club. Any student who wishes to play, improve skills, and maintain skills can participate in a sport club.