Sherry Schoolfield

Custodial Staff Supervisor

Movies I can watch over and over: Gone with the Wind; any Tarzan movies; all the Taken movies

Favorite tv shows: Law and Order: SVU; NCIS; Love it or List It

Favorite music: Country

Favorite foods: Country cooking like pinto beans, friend potatoes and onions, steak and gravy and corn break. Or shrimps, baked potato, and salad.

Favorite ways to be active: Taking my grandchildren on trips.

Best books I've read: Things by James Patterson

Foods I'm known for cooking: Mac and cheese; peantu butter fudge; preacher cookies

Things I wish I could delete from the world: Child abuse; hunger

Things that make me smile: Doing things with my childrena nd grandchildren - just being with them and watching them grow

Favorite place to be on VT's campus: McComas and the Duck Pond

Best part about my job: The people I work with and being able to come to work and do my job without waiting for someone to tell me what to do all the time.

Sherry Schoolfield