Zak Worrell

Fitness Coordinator

Zak Worrell atlas stone

Education:  B.S. in Human Nutrition, Food, and Exercise

USA Weightlifting Sport Performance Coach

Movies I can watch over and over:  Lord of the Rings, Willow, any Pixar or Disney movie

Favorite tv shows:  Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, sports

Favorite foods: Anything I don’t personally have to cook!

Favorite ways to be active:  I enjoy sports, hiking, and any max strength based competitions

Foods I’m known for cooking:  Peanut Butter sandwiches?

Things I wish I could delete from the world:  Lack of motivation and an entitled mentality

Things that always make me smile:  Children's laughter and my dogs

Favorite place to be on VT’s campus:  Thursday night in Lane Stadium against Miami

Zak Worrell