Join a Happiness Group


Our Happiness Groups are practical and empowering programs based on positive psychology research about what does and does not make people truly (and sustainably) happy. Topics include gratitude, meditation, avoiding social comparison, practicing kindness, taking care of your body, embracing curiosity, practicing self-compassion, building resiliency, finding your meaning and purpose and goal-setting.

Get Involved with Happiness - Students

8-Week Happiness Group - We meet once a week for 8 weeks to discuss what it means to ‘be happy’ and how certain strategies can improve your ability to live happily. Each week, we will discuss powerful ways to live more positively, joyfully, and mindfully. Each person differs in his or her capacityfor happiness and we aspire to help you realize and practice the strategies to optimize that capacity. We will address topics such as self-discovery, mind-body connection, resilience, gradtitude, adaptability, and more. This group is completely FREE and open to everyone. Come grow with us!

Get Involved with Happiness - Employees

  • Happiness Presentation or Workshops This is a presentation that introduces happiness, where to find it, our abilities to gain happiness and behaviors that happy people do. Request to bring a presentation to your office or department.