Personal trainers walk beside their clients throughout their fitness journey. Along the way, they provide new workouts, form assistance, motivation, accountability, and encouragement. Personal trainers are great if you are new to exercise or an active person who is looking to change up your routine or anyone in between! Our trainers are dedicated to helping you stick to your exercise goals.

Frequent exercising has been shown to:

  • increase muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility
  • reduce stress
  • elevate mood
  • reduce risk of injury
  • improve aerobic capacity
  • increase weight loss
  • improve self-esteem
  • improve sleep habits

Training Sessions
Training sessions are scheduled at a time convenient for both the trainer and the client. Training sessions can take place in War Memorial Hall or McComas Hall (membership required). Some trainers have even taken their clients around campus or to the outdoor track for a nice jog! That's the great thing about personal training - it's flexible and catered to the client.

Our Trainers' Qualifications
Virginia Tech personal trainers are nationally certified through ACE, NASM, AFAA, AFPA, or another nationally recognized personal training program. Our trainers collectively possess expertise in a wide array of subject matters including TRX®, competitive bodybuilding, ultra marathon running, powerlifting, functional exercises, and more. Check out our personal trainer bios to see which trainer you would like to help you reach your fitness goals!

Partner Personal Training
While one-on-one personal training is great, we also offer partner personal training (two clients to one trainer). If that's still too personal for your liking, check out our small group training program, which pairs a coach with a small group of 3-12 people who work out together twice a week for six weeks. 

Want to get started?
Sign up online! Once you've registered and paid, you will be contacted via e-mail by a personal trainer within a few business days.