Small Group Training

a coach instructs a participant on the TRX

Small group training is a six-week exercise program that meets twice a week with a dedicated coach and 3 to 12 group members.

If you are looking for a way to start working out, shake up your workout routine, or find folks to workout with, small group training might be for you.

Each six-week sessions costs $100 (Inversion Yoga: $50).


led by a CrossFit coach and is designed to challenge you mentally and physically by constantly varying your workout. Workouts consist of high intensity, functional movements that incorporate aerobic exercise, gymnastics (body weight exercises) & weight lifting exercises to help you get in the best shape of your life. Remember, routine is the enemy!

Women on Weights

Do you feel intimidated by the thought of going to the gym? Or are you someone who feels overwhelmed by the idea of lifting? We know that gymtimidation is real and we are here to help! Join Women on Weights in the private strength and conditioning room located in War. Women on Weights is a small group training class specifically designed to teach anyone the essential foundation of strength training and proper lifting technique, provide knowledge for participants to create their own workouts, and help build confidence when exercising in the gym. Come join us!

Inversion Yoga

Inversi-what? Curious about how to start doing more inversions in your yoga practice? (tripod headstand all the way to handstand?) Come learn some of the key components and cues that will help you get upside down. This weekly yoga class will focus on building your core and shoulder strength, and help you learn how to get upside down (safely) and stay upside down!

  • No sessions


is a unique suspension-based resistance program that will help improve strength, balance, flexibility, coordination, endurance, and joint stability.

  • No sessions

Bike Bootcamp

This small group training combines 30 minutes of cycle with 30 minutes on the Queenax (located on the 3rd floor of McComas Hall) to achieve an all-round workout. Cycle will provide cardio and leg resistance while on the Queenax we will take advantage of the unique equipment to include suspension, plyometric, strength and circuit training. This is a great opportunity to guarantee a spot in spin class twice a week and learn unique ways to train on the Queenax.

  • No sessions