Intramurals FAQ

What are intramural sports?
Intramural sports are played on campus among VT students, faculty, and staff. Intramural sports provide exercise, recreation, competition, and fun to participants in a relaxed, yet structured environment. Intramurals offer the thrill of competition while placing an emphasis on fairness and sportsmanship for teams and individuals.

Why should I play intramurals?

Intramural sports are a great way to play a sport you love or to try something new – no experience is necessary! All you have to do is purchase a intramural membership for $20 and you can participate in any activity, all year long. We offer everything from chess and racquetball to flag football and softball. To be added to the intramural sports email listserv and keep up with everything that is happening, fill out this form.

What types of leagues are available to play in?

There are various types of league play available to our participants. For each team sport, all participants are allowed to compete on one (1) gender-specific team and one (1) CoRec/Open team.

Men's and Women's Leagues are gender-specific leagues.
CoRec Leagues are mixed-gender leagues.
Open Leagues are open to all participants.

What is the policy for intramural participants that do not identify as male or female?

It is our objective to ensure that all of our athletes have a comfortable and enjoyable environment in which they can participate.  Participants that do not identify as male or female are allowed to join one (1) gender-specific team and one (1) CoRec/Open team for every team sport.

What levels of competition are available?

Most intramural sports activities offer two levels for participation: Competitive and Recreational.

The Competitive Division is for teams seeking to compete at a high level and wish to participate in a playoff tournament (formerly the Advanced/Intermediate divisions) for our coveted intramural championship t-shirt.  Competitive teams participate in a round robin-style regular season as well as a post-season playoff bracket, as long as they meet team eligibility requirements.

The Recreational Division offers teams the chance to play in an environment founded on social networking, teamwork, and simple enjoyment of exercise (formerly the Beginner division).  This division is for participants without extensive experience in a sport or those that enjoy the opportunity to just be part of the game.  Teams in this division do not participate in a playoff tournament.  Instead, each team will receive its full schedule at the beginning of the season (typically, a four- or six-game season).

How do I get involved?

In order to participate in Intramurals, you will need to purchase an Intramural Membership.  There are two types of memberships: the Full Intramural Membership and the Singles/Doubles Membership.  To review the differences between these memberships and learn the steps necessary to purchase a membership, click here.