Intramural Sports Policies
We want to ensure that everyone knows the policies and rules that are in place to provide the best experience for everyone participating in intramural sports. We ask that you familiarize yourself with our policies.

2019-20 Program Changes

Below are some important program changes for the 2019-20 intramural season:

IMLeagues Replaces FusionIM
IMLeagues is the new online-based platform that will be replacing FusionIM starting in the Fall of 2019. League registration, scheduling, roster management, and more will now go through IMLeagues. IMLeagues also utilizes an app with all of the same capabilities as the online version.

Eligibility/Roster Policy
Every participant must present their valid Hokie Passport to an Intramural Staff member to verify their eligibility and join a team. If a player is already on the roster, then any government-issued photo identification is acceptable (e.g., driver’s license). Individuals without an approved form of identification will not be permitted to play. Remember… No ID, No Play!

CoRec Scoring Differences
CoRec scoring differences have been removed. Separate CoRec rules will still be utilized i.e. Softball needs an alternating batting order, volleyball alternating hits between genders, flag football open and closed plays, etc. All required gender ratios remain the same.

New Sport Activities
Sand Volleyball has been added as a 4v4 CoRec league in the fall semester. Spikeball has been added as a new singles/doubles activity in the fall semester.

Schedule of Major Team Sports and Game Start Times
Major sports will now start concurrently, (i.e., 9v9 Soccer and Basketball, Volleyball and Flag Football) including having trainings during the same week.  Game start times for all major sports will now be on the hour (e.g., 6pm, 7pm, 8pm)

Most equipment owned by the Intramural Sports program is available for rental. Interested users should check our rentals page for more information or email the Intramural Sports Staff (imsports@vt.edu). 

Protest Fees
Protest fees are no longer be required by the Intramural Sports Staff in order to consider a protest.  All formal protests are reviewed by the Intramural Staff, except protested judgment calls. 

Forfeit Reinstatement Procedures
Any team that forfeits a game during the week (Monday-Thursday) is required to pay the Forfeit Reinstatement Fee by 9am on Friday of that week.  Teams that forfeit in a league game on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday are required to pay the Forfeit Reinstatement Fee by 9am on the following Wednesday.

Failure to pay the fee by the deadline results in team removal from the league and replacement with a team from the waiting list.  If there is no waiting list, teams already scheduled in the league will have the opportunity to fill in the open spot(s) in the schedule.  The Forfeit Reinstatement Fee for all sports is $20.  The fee is payable online by going the Recreational Sports Portal.  The Intramural Sports Forfeit Reinstatement Fee is listed under "Multi-Visit Passes".

Teams that forfeit ahead of time are eligible to have the Forfeit Reinstatement Fee waived.  For the fee to be waived, teams must submit the forfeit by the following deadline: 1) for leagues played on Monday-Thursday, the forfeit must be submitted via IMLeagues by 9am on the Friday before the scheduled game or 2) for leagues played on Fridays-Sundays, the forfeit must be submitted via IMLeagues by 9am on the Wednesday before the scheduled game.

**Note: USOA Tournaments or other weekend events may follow alternate reinstatement procedures. In those situations, the procedures will be outlined in the Information/Rule Sheet distributed prior to the tournament.