We want to ensure that everyone knows the policies and rules that are in place to provide the best experience for everyone participating in intramural sports. We ask that you familiarize yourself with our policies.

Forfeit Reinstatement Procedures
Following a regular season forfeit, a team has until noon on the 2nd day after the forfeit or before their next game (USOA events or doubleheaders only), to pay the Forfeit Reinstatement Fee. The Intramural Sports Forfeit Reinstatement Fee can be paid online by going the Recreational Sports Portal where it is listed under the Multi-Visit Passes section (click on Personal Training & Private Instruction icon).   If the team does not pay this fee by the deadline, it will be removed from the league and replaced with a team from the waiting list. If there is no waiting list, teams already scheduled in the league will have the opportunity to fill in the open spot in the league to play additional games. These open spots will be filled on a first come, first served basis and captains will be notified when open spots become available. The Forfeit Reinstatement Fee for all sports is $20.  **USOA Tournaments or other weekend events may follow alternate reinstatement procedures.  In those situations, the procedures will be outlined in the Information/Rule Sheet distributed prior to the tournament.

        Intramural Sports Forfeit Reinstatement Fee

All-University Champion
In intramural sports, we use a point system that allows for the crowning of an All-University Champion at the end of each academic year. The point system provides incentive for individuals and groups to participate in intramurals by keeping the thrill of competition within its limits and placing a heavy emphasis on having fun through participation!