2017-18 Policy Changes

FusionIM Replaces Versus Check-In System
FusionIM is an online-based platform that will replace the Versus check-in system starting in the Fall of 2017.  Team and free agent registration, viewing game schedules and playoff brackets, game day check-in for participants, and more, will now be possible through FusionIM.  Log in to your FusionIM portal online by going to connect.recsports.vt.edu.

1. Membership Videos on Canvas Are No Longer Required – Watching a membership video will no longer be required or tracked for intramural sports participants. The membership video will still be available to be viewed on the intramural sports website.  Please note that teams will be required to view a sport video and complete a quiz at the time of registration for any team sport.
2. Team Rosters – Team members must be added to their team’s roster prior to playing. If a participant is not on a team roster when checking in to play, they will need to be manually added.  For team sports, players may be added to a roster all season; however, after three weeks of play (coincides with the start of playoffs for Competitive Divisions), players are locked on the roster to which they are associated.
3. Eliminated Registration Grace Period – Participants must have purchased the appropriate intramural sports membership prior to playing.  There is no longer a 48-hour grace period to purchase your membership after participating in an activity.

Transgender Policy
Each intramural activity offers one of the following four league options: Men’s, Women’s, CoRec, or Open.  Every player must comply with participant eligibility policies; however, an individual is encouraged to participate in the appropriate league based on the individual’s expressed gender identity.

Media Policy
Taking pictures or recording video of any intramural activity is not permitted unless prior approval is granted by the Intramural Sports Office.

Team Activity Division Changes
With the introduction of FusionIM, intramural sports activities will now offer two different divisions for participation: the Competitive Division and the Recreational Division.

The Competitive Division is for teams seeking to compete at a high level and wishing to participate in a playoff tournament (formerly the Advanced/Intermediate divisions).  During the first three weeks of the season, teams are guaranteed to be scheduled for at least two round robin games.  Teams in the Competitive Division will be placed into a playoff bracket if they meet team eligibility requirements.

The Recreational Division offers teams the chance to play in an environment founded on social networking, teamwork, and simple enjoyment of exercise (formerly the Beginner division).  This division is for participants without extensive experience in a sport, or those that enjoy the opportunity to be part of the game.  Teams in this division will not participate in a playoff tournament.  Instead, each team will receive its full schedule at the beginning of the season (typically a four-game season).  Teams in this division will be guaranteed their scheduled time-slot for the duration of the season.

Open Registration for Singles/Doubles Activities
Participants interested in joining a singles/doubles activity will be allowed to register at any point during the season up until two weeks before the playoffs begin.  For singles/doubles activities with a regular season and playoff season, all participants must have played two matches by the end of the regular season to be playoff eligible.  The open registration policy does not apply to the following activities: fantasy football, putt putt tournament, sand volleyball doubles tournament, holiday football pickem contest, chess tournament, free throw contest, 3-point shooting contest, basketball tournament pickem contest, sports trivia contest, and the champion t-shirt design contest.

Forfeits and Grace Period
If one team is present at the start of the grace period, that team will have the option to start the game ahead by the score of the mercy rule for that sport.  However, the team may also elect to have the game started with a “0-0” score if the opponent shows up prior to the end of the grace period.

Reinstatement Procedures
Following a regular season forfeit, a team has until midnight on the 2nd day after the forfeit or before their next game (USOA events or doubleheaders only), to pay the Forfeit Reinstatement Fee.  The fee can be paid online by going the Recreational Sports Portal.  The Intramural Sports Forfeit Reinstatement Fee is listed under the Multi-Visit Passes section (click on Personal Training & Private Instruction icon).   If the team does not pay this fee by the deadline, it will be removed from the league and replaced with a team from the waiting list.  If there is no waiting list, teams already scheduled in the league will have the opportunity to fill in the open spot in the league to play additional games.  These open spots will be filled on a first come, first served basis and captains will be notified when open spots become available.  The Forfeit Reinstatement Fee for all sports is $20.  **USOA Tournaments or other weekend events may follow alternate reinstatement procedures.  In those situations, the procedures will be outlined in the Information/Rule Sheet distributed prior to the tournament.

Team and Sportsmanship Ratings
Team captains will no longer give a sportsmanship rating for their opponents. Supervisors, officials, and scorekeepers will still need to give sportsmanship ratings for each team and after every game on a 0-5 scale. Team ratings are no longer needed. Previously, teams were rated A/I/B based on the staff’s suggested playoff bracket placement for each team. With the change to Competitive and Recreational Divisions, teams will no longer change divisions before the playoffs and therefore team ratings will no longer be required.

Rosters – Adding and Removing Players
To encourage participation, teams are allowed to add players to their roster throughout an activity season (including the playoffs as long as they are not associated with another team after the 3-week period, see new change below).  In order to be added to a roster, a player must first complete the membership requirements and then check-in prior to a game by presenting a valid ID to an Intramural Staff Member.  Participants are restricted to playing on only one team within a league (i.e., Men’s, Women’s, CoRec, or Open).  For team sports, three weeks after the start of the season, all players will be locked on the roster in which they are associated and may not be removed to be added to another team.  The Intramural Staff will resolve violations and consider exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

Smoking and Drugs/Controlled Substances
Smoking of any kind is not allowed while participating in an intramural activity.  In accordance with university policy, smoking is the lighting or burning of any pipe, cigar, or cigarette, or other tobacco product; or the use of any electronic cigarette or vaping device (University Policy No. 1010).  Additionally, those who smoke outside of buildings are expected to be considerate and courteous of other individuals in the university community.  Spectators may use tobacco outside only if it does not bother any other spectators, participants, or intramural staff.  Smoking is prohibited at any indoor intramural activity, whether on campus or off campus.

The use of drugs is incompatible with the goals of the academic community and the Recreational Sports mission (University Policy No. 1020).  Therefore, the Intramural Sports Program prohibits the use or possession of any unlawful drug or controlled substance at any intramural activity.  Additionally, an individual that is using, in possession of, or under the influence of any drug or controlled substance will be reported to the Virginia Tech Police Department and/or the Office of Student Conduct.

2016-17 Policy Changes

Team Jerseys for Soccer
Starting with the 2016-2017 Intramural Sports season, soccer referees will wear Yellow instead of black. Teams are recommended not to have yellow jerseys for soccer.

Inclement Weather
When lightning is detected within a 10 mile radius using the Weather Channel app, outside Intramural activities will be cancelled/suspended.  The Intramural Supervisor will monitor inclement weather.

Player Eligibility Protests
In all situations where there is an eligibility protest, the game will be completed regardless of whether player in question is removed or not.  If the protesting team wins, no formal protest is required of the protesting team.  If the protesting team loses, they must file a formal written protest by noon the next business day and submit it along with a $10 protest fee to the Intramural Sports office.  If correct about the player eligibility, the protesting team will receive a refund of the $10 protest fee.