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The Department of Recreational Sports recognizes that there are a wide variety of groups and individuals on campus with a desire to participate in recreational activities. However, the space available for these activities is limited. As a result, we have established the following policies and procedures to help ensure the safest and most efficient utilization of available facilities. All Recreational Sports facilities usage is subject to University Policy 5000:University Facilities Usage and Event Approval.

Types of Usage

There are two classifications of Recreational Sports facilities usage. Informal (or Open) Recreation is based on a first-come, first-served system of informal usage. Pick up basketball and volleyball games, and use of weightrooms all operate under this system. Reserved Use applies to events that are scheduled in advance, and may have attendance restrictions. Weekly club practices and special events such as basketball tournaments and fundraisers fall under this category.


There are only select spaces in McComas Hall available to be reserved thoughout the year, based on availability. The basketball gymnasiums in War Memorial Hall may not be reserved on a repetitive basis, with the exception of academic classes and Recreational Sports programs. They may only be reserved for one-time special events.


Reservation requests for any Recreational Sports facilities may be made by Registered Student Organizations, Virginia Tech departments and programs, or non-university groups with a university sponsor. Priority will be given to those organizations directly affiliated with the university. Non-university groups will be accommodated as space and safety allow. Organizations must be able to demonstrate that their activity requires the use of a Recreational Sports facility.

Priority Order

  • Academic Departments (War Memorial Hall Only)
  • Department of Recreational Sports programs: Including Open Recreation, Intramurals, Sport Clubs, Fitness, and Aquatics
  • Special Event requests; University and student organizations with long-term requests
  • All other programs

Facilities Available

  • War Memorial Hall: Gym 125 and 141, Multi-Use Rooms A, Dance Room, Pool
  • Outdoor Facilities: SRA Softball Field, SRA Rugby Field, SRA Lacrosse Field, SRA Soccer Field, SRA Tennis Courts (6), Washington St. Tennis Courts (12)
  • McComas Hall: Classroom 198, Studio A, Studio B, Spin City, Single Gym, Double Gym, Pool

"Black-Out" Dates

No events may be scheduled by a student organization from Reading Day through the final exam period.

Scheduling Process

  • Requests will be managed in the manner which best permits the use of facilities by as many sponsors as possible.
  • Reservations will not be taken over the phone. Requests must be submitted online via the Facility Use Request Form.
  • If a Certificate of Insurance is required please use this form as a guideline: 
    Risk Management and Certificate of Insurance
  • Requests for an event during an upcoming semester will be accepted starting on the following dates:
    • Fall semester: Aug. 15
    • Spring semester: Dec. 1
    • Summer: April 1
  • Requests received before the deadline will be considered as received on the deadline date.
  • All other requests received after the deadline will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis, provided they are received at least two weeks before the requested date. Requests received with less than two weeks notice may be approved if time and space allow, however, additional fees will be charged.
  • Submission of a request does not guarantee that a reservation will be granted.
  • Confirmations and facility assignments will be sent out in a timely manner.


  • Recreational Sports reserves the right to cancel or change reservations with advance notice.
  • Any event changes or cancellations must be made at least 2 weeks prior to the event date.
  • Additional fees may be assessed for late changes or cancellations.


A facility rental and equipment fees will be charged for the following types of events:


  • If field lining is required, it must be done by the Department of Recreational Sports at an additional cost.
  • Tents or any structures that require stakes or posts below the ground must be approved in advance for utilities clearance.


Special equipment such as chairs, tables, and staging may be rented in conjunction with an event.


Depending on the nature of the event, additional security may be required. This is determined in conjunction with the Virginia Tech Police Department and may result in an additional charge.