Our Happiness Groups are practical and empowering programs based on postive psychology research about what does and does not make people truly (and sustainably) happy. Topics include gratitude, meditation, avoiding social comparison, practicing kindness, taking care of your body, embracing curiosity, practicing self-compassion, building resiliency, finding your meaning and purpose and goal-setting.

Get Involved with Happiness - Students

  • 10-Week Happiness Group - this group meets once a week to learn how to incorporate happiness strategies, exercises in new ways of thinking and to realize our innate potential for joy.  The group addresses self-discovery, building confidence and self-esteem, embracing a healthy body image and adopting a personal action plan to achieve happiness. We will be holding a 10-week group in fall 2017. If you are interested, please fill out this form.  The time and location will be determined by the group. Come learn how to incorporate happiness strategies and exercise new ways of thinking to reach a happier you!

Get Involved with Happiness - Employees

  • Happiness Presentation or Workshops This is a presentation that introduces happiness, where to find it, our abilities to gain happiness and behaviors that happy people do. Request to bring a presentation to your office or department.

Register now for the 10-week Happiness group!

Next group will start in fall 2017. Group availability dictates the date/time of sessions.

If you already have a group that would like to do this book club, please contact Shelly Rasnick (rasnicks@vt.edu).