Spring Renewal: Recharge + Reconnect

Virginia Tech and Radford Collaborative Retreat
Friday, April 21 | 9am – 4pm (Lunch provided)
Where: SELU Conservancy
Who: Virginia Tech and Radford students
Cost: $10 (space is limited to 80 students)
Register: connect.recsports.vt.edu (then click on Wellness in the lower left corner)

The day will be divided into two sessions:

  • Morning session 9am – 12pm
  • Lunch 12 – 1pm
  • Afternoon session 1 – 4pm

Session I: Mindfulness Meditation with Alan Forrest
Mindfulness 101
Mindfulness is the intentional attending to the present moment without judgment while encompassing a sense of friendliness and caring.  It consists of a set of practices we engage in to strengthen present-focused awareness and promote healthy habits.  Meditation is a formal practice in which we set aside time to cultivate and deepen our awareness. We are paying attention to things as they are and learning to stay open so that we can choose how to work with whatever arises.

Attending this retreat will provide students with an introduction to mindfulness and meditation that will be both instructional and experiential; a time to discuss mindfulness meditation concepts, practice together, and share personal meditation experiences.  Come with a beginner's mind!

Benefits of mindfulness:

  • Increases: focus, awareness, empathy, being at ease, concentration, connection, and compassion.
  • Reduces: stress, anxiety, depression, self-judgment, and emotional reactivity.

Session II: Introduction to Taiji and Qigong with Dr. Matthew F. Komelski
Taiji and Qigong are ancient practices with their roots in meditative and healing arts of East Asia.  This workshop will introduce students to these practices, which are often referred to as moving meditations.  This workshop will provide a brief overview of the history and theory of practice and engage students with a variety of moving meditations that can reduce stress and increase one’s overall all sense of wellbeing, while improving balance, coordination and movement awareness.

All students are welcome. No prior experience is necessary.