Gym Hygiene

Be Well Tips

Basic Gym Hygiene Tips:

  • Do NOT go to the gym while suffering from any sickness - you are at a higher risk to pick up infections from the gym and transfer your germs to others.

  • Wipe down all equipment, after every use - you can wipe down equipment before and after use for extra cleanliness.

  • Wash your hands before and after your workouts.

  • Safeguard your skin! Germs are often spread when your skin is exposed to them. Keep a barrier such as clothing or a towel between your skin and equipment that others use.

  • ALWAYS cover scrapes, cuts, etc. (There are first aid kits at the front desk and weight room attendants can provide band aids.)

  • Shower and change clothes as soon as possible after a workout - damp clothes are a breeding ground for bacteria.

  Other Things to Consider:

  • Metal water bottles are a more sanitary choice than plastic! Be sure to regularly wash your water bottle  with hot, soapy water.

  • Try not to touch your face - you may not even realize you are doing it! This is one of the most important ways stay clear of any germs.

  • Do not shave at the gym shower or immediately before going to the gym.

  • Keep dirty clothes in a separate compartment or better yet in a plastic ziploc bag.

  • Sanitize your gym bag with a disinfectant spray.